ALC is a leading advisor on all aspects of doing business in the Maldives. We assist clients in, including but not of course limited to, business registration and operation, corporate restructuring, establishment of franchises, re-registration, and agency arrangements. Our clients range from small private businesses to major hoteliers and international companies.  

As with most other things, industry and commerce too are undergoing a number of fundamental changes in the Maldives. Corporate Governance, the introduction of public-private partnerships and the establishment of the Maldives Stock Exchange are just a few examples of the most significant developments. At ALC we dedicate ourselves to keeping up-to-date with the changes relevant to the business of our clients.  

Tourism is the biggest industry in the country. And it is no coincidence that it is the one area of the Law ALC has most experience in. The Firm advises regularly on the development of tourist service outlets, from inception to the bidding process, and throughout construction to the commencement of operations and beyond, whether the project involves a Tourist Resort, Hotel, Guest House, Picnic Island or Vessel, we are equally proficient in advising on the different forms of business in the tourism industry. We also handle legal affairs for travel agencies and tour operators.  

We continually keep abreast of the latest developments in the area, including advising clients on the possible implications of draft bills and amendments to existing Law. The anticipated taxation legislation for instance will have wide ranging implications to existing and potential investors.

The recent move towards privatization of basic services and infrastructure provides   investors a number of new possibilities to do business in the Maldives. Advice on privatization projects could be continued throughout the tender process and up to the completion of the project. Investors in this area are usually provided privileged access to invest in other areas to subsidize the provision of basic services, such as transport, housing, water and sanitation. The wide range of the Firm's practice areas is always an advantage when advising clients on privatization issues in the Maldives.

The existing IP rights legislation is rudimentary at best and calls for innovative legal skills to offer the widest possible protection for the rights of clients with IP interests. An interesting area of development in the Maldives presently is intellectual property law. A draft IP Rights Bill is currently tabled with the People's Majlis and the Firm regards this area to be one of significant interest and growth in the near future.  

ALC advises clients on preventing unauthorized use, searching, filing and renewing of trademarks and trade names.

With the imminent introduction of corporate tax in the Maldives, we are geared to advise clients on the tax implications of doing business in the country. ALC is mindful that taxation is a new concept in the Maldives and aims to afford clients with the most comprehensive and latest information on tax laws as they come in to force.    

Taxation on tourism related services is very much an issue in focus today. ALC thus understands the need for certain and accurate information on new and potential tax laws. 

ALC is routinely engaged to advise clients on labor and employment related issues and to provide opinions relating to employment rules and regulations of the Maldives. In addition to drafting employee contracts, we advise and assist our clients in obtaining all the necessary paperwork and documents in relation to foreign employees. Settlement of employment disputes whether on behalf of the employer or the employee, or through the Court system, the Employment Tribunal or negotiation, all fall within the areas of practice maintained by ALC. 

ALC provides consultancy on a variety of banking and securities law. The Firm's Banking and Finance clients include international businesses, high net worth individuals, public companies, and banks and financial institutions.  

The Firm also assists foreign banks and financial institutions on various transactions such as debt syndication to resort and hotel development funding, infrastructure project financing and general compliance with local financial laws and regulations.

The ALC real estate practice covers the entire scope of works in the construction industry, including the initial acquisition of land, privatization of state-owned land, financing and mortgages, disposals, construction and lease agreements, and fractional ownership. ALC represents both buyers and lenders in matters pertinent to financing of the acquisition and development of real property, and in the negotiation and drafting of all related documentation including contract documentation, negotiations between owners, developers, contractors, architects and financial institutions.  

Construction has been a fast developing industry in the Maldives for a number of years now. The law on this area has, however, been slow to catch up. A new Building Code is presently in the draft stages and ALC is closely following developments on the Code becoming law.

The Maldives lacks a legal framework for commercial arbitration, and though this is very unfortunate for the development of commercial enterprise in the country, ALC offers the expertise and knowledge for the client looking to settle disputes through international arbitration. The ALC team also advises clients on other available forms of dispute resolution required for an effective and certain commercial environment. 

ALC offers a full range of services to assist our clients in the area of Family Law. Our lawyers are fully committed to following best practices, especially at times when a child is involved, as quickly and fairly as possible. We will endeavour to resolve your case as quickly as possible, to minimise conflict and stress to all parties involved.

ALC is experienced in matters ranging from routine commercial litigation to complex labour law and criminal cases. The ALC litigation practice is reflective of our clients’ broad-based needs. ALC has extensive litigation experience at the trial and appellate levels, and brings in not only legal experience but sensible negotiating skills. ALC is only too aware that clients would rather settle through negotiation and discussion, than get involved in lengthy legal proceedings. The Firm is thus adept at employing a number of alternative dispute resolution methods for clients, but is equally prepared and efficient when called upon to seek a resolution through the Courts. 

The 2008 Constitution introduces for the first time an independent judiciary, an executive elected by popular vote and a Parliament composed purely of representatives of the people. Along with completely revamping the system of governance in the country, encompassing a comprehensive catalogue of internationally recognized rights and freedoms. The founding partners of ALC were closely involved in the drafting of new Constitution and its passage through the Special Majlis, providing legal counsel to the Majlis Secretariat. ALC  worked on drafting of Association Act, Commentary and translation of Penal Code and drafted the National Security bill. ALC also has specialist knowledge and experience in Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law, Public Law. 

Pro Bono work constitutes a proportion of each lawyer's work at ALC. The Firm takes its social responsibility very seriously, and considers its pro bono work to be an integral component of the ALC image and values. Pro bono cases are considered on a case-by-case basis. Each case is decided on its merits, based on the financial capacity of the client, and the seriousness of the legal issue facing such client.