Fayyaz Ismail is the founding and managing partner at Aequitas Legal Consultancy a young law firm engaged in the provision of legal services in the Maldives specialising in the commercial, financial and tourism sector. In addition to his legal practice Fayyaz also has interests in several businesses and sits on the boards of private and government companies and NGO’s. Fayyaz’s business acumen coupled with his expertise in the legal field and the extensive expertise and experience in dealing with financiers, contractors and various other stakeholders in the com- mercial sector has ensured the delivery of timely and practical solutions to clients needs. ALC client base includes government companies, high networth individuals and major companies and resort operators in the Maldives and abroad.

Hassan has been practicing law since early 2000. Hassan worked as a State Attorney for five years before leaving to work at Maldives Ports Limited. During Hassan’s tenure at the Attorney General’s Office Hassan has represented the state at various courts of the Maldives in both criminal and civil cases. Hassan also represented the Maldives ports Limited, Bank of Maldives Limited, Maldives National Shipping Limited and many other such companies at various courts of Maldives.

Hassan is also extensively experienced in drafting of legal documents. One such endeavour of Hassan was acting as a draftsman for the Parliament of Maldives in drafting the Constitution of the Maldives which was assented in 2008.

Hassan has been acting as the legal counsel for the Former President of Maldives, President Mohamed Nasheed and has represented President Nasheed at courts of Maldives of all levels. In addition to this, Hassan was the cabinet minister for Human Resources, Youth and Sports from 2008 – 2012.

Hassan graduated with an LLB (Hons) and read his Post graduate degree in Crime, law and Society at Manchester University, UK. He is a Partner of ALC.

Shameem has been practicing law since the early 2000’s. Shameem worked as a Senior State Attorney before leaving to work at the Prosecutor General’s Office. Shameem’s last post at the PG’s office was the post of Deputy Prosecutor General. Shameem has represented the State in both civil and criminal cases at various courts of Maldives and has been instrumental in the establishment of the PG’s office.

Shameem graduated from the prominent Al-Azhar University with a Bachelors of Shariah and Law degree.

Shameem recently graduated from University of Sussex with an LLM Master of Laws in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. He is a Partner of ALC

Fareed is the newest Partner of ALC. Prior to working at ALC he was the founding Partner of ‘Vakaalaathu Chambers’. He has been a boost to our firm. He graduated from Al-Azhar University with a Bachelor of Sharai’ah and Law degree. Fareed has made a name for himself in representing civil and criminal cases in the courts of Maldives. He has acted as the legal counsel for Male’ City Council, Addu City Council, major companies such as MTCC and carries out probono work on a daily basis.

Nazim, previously employed at the Anti- Corruption Commission of the Maldives, is a certified Corruption Investigator by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Nazim has been involved mainly in commercial litigation and has been a representative at the Maldivian courts. Nazim was a leading member of the Legal team of the ACC in the widely known Boarder Control Case. He has also been involved in the drafting of the new Anti-Corruption (Commission) Bill, Procurement Bill and many more such Bills and takes a particular interest on issues of public law, governance and constitutional law. Nazim was also the appointed member representing the ACC at the National Coordination Committee on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Financing of Terrorism. Nazim is also familiar with the Islamic Shari'ah and the Laws and Regulations related to governance.

Nazim graduated from Maldives National University in 2011 with a LLB (Hons) and is a MACA certified Corruption Investigator. He is a part time Attorney at Law at ALC.

Mahfooz Saeed is a Legal Executive employed at ALC and is currently in his final year of study, doing his LLB at the Maldives National University. Mahfooz has extensive experience in the legal field through working in the Attorney General’s Office and later as a District Public Prosecutor at the Prosecutor General’s Office. In addition to this, Mahfooz has experience working under the mentorship of experienced lawyers in the Maldives.

Shiyam joined in ALC right after completing his Bachelor in Shari’ah & Laws Program in Faculty of Shari’ah and law at The Maldives National University in 2014. While continuing his Shariah and Laws program, Shiyam has also completed his Abe Advance Diploma in Business Management in 2011 and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management in 2012 from Maps College, Maldives.

Shiyam, participated in a workshop of TOT on Basic Human Rights in Maldives organized by the Hoadedhdhoo Association for Development (HAD) & Maldives Youth Action Network (MYAN) in Association with Human Rights Commission of the Maldives. Shiyam also briefly worked in Elections Commission as an administrative officer before joining ALC in 2014.

Shiyam is an Attorney-at-Law in ALC

Safwan was briefly employed in one of the leading local law firms before joining ALC in 2014. Safwan had completed his LLB Degree at The Maldives National University, Faculty of Shari’ah & Law in year 2013. Safwan is particularly interested in Employment Law, Public Law, Public International Law and Contract Law.

Safwan was actively involved as an Elections Commission’s official in Local Council Elections in 2011 and Presidential Elections in 2013.

Safwan is an Attorney-at-Law in ALC

Moosa is employed as a part time paralegal at ALC, he recently completed his diploma at The Maldives National University (MNU), Faculty of Shari’ah & Law. And now he is continuing with his degree at MNU. Working with Alc has given Moosa experience in drafting legal documents and is very familiar with the administrative procedures followed by the courts of Maldives.

Zaki is employed as a part time paralegal at ALC, he has completed his diploma and is com- pleting his third year of Degree, while working with ALC. Working with ALC has given Zaki the experience in drafting legal documents and represents clients at lower courts.